Code 37 - The Movie

Code 37 - The Movie

100 min.
Jakob Verbruggen
Hola Guapa & Ed Vanderweyden


A well-known writer is assaulted in a porn cinema. He had an appointment there with Rose, a young student working as a prostitute. It soon becomes clear that quite a few students are resorting to prostitution, so Hannah and her team decide to go undercover in club 'Sin City', a place for everyone shunning daylight and for girls who pick up their clients there.

When Hannah and her team discover that the owner of both the porn cinema and 'Sin City' is Rose's uncle, the case becomes personal, particularly to Hannah, because she knows only too well the damage family secrets can cause…

poster visual

Jakob Verbruggen - Ghent Film Festival première

Main cast

  • Veerle Baetens
  • Michaël Pas
  • Marc Lauwrys
  • Gilles De Schryver


  • Nathalie Meskens
  • Jurgen Delnaet
  • Geert Van Rampelberg
  • Maaike Neuville
  • Peter De Graef
  • Aline Van Hulle
  • Carry Goossens
  • Ben Segers
  • Manou Kersting
  • Karlijn Sonderen


  • director of photography Ruben Impens
  • editing Frank Van Looy
  • sound Geert Vlegels
  • Pedro Van der Eecken
  • production design Kurt Rigolle
  • 1st AD Tine Verbeurgt
  • Diana Dreesen
  • original soundtrack The intergalactic Lovers & Piet De Ridder
  • production manager Tomas Coppejans
  • line producer Johan Van den Driessche
  • VMMa, Starway Film Distribution


  • shooting location Belgium
  • original version Dutch
  • support ARRI Alexa, colour
  • shooting location 100 min
  • format 2:35
  • financial partners Stad Gent, Belgacom, De Hondt, De Wilde, EVS Broadcast Equipment, Free Record Shop Belgium, Game Mania, Mediafin, Montebi, Televic AV, Televic Group, Televic Healthcare, Veranco, Willems Vorselaar
  • mediapartners Het Laatste Nieuws, Humo, Q-Music
  • theatrical distribution Belgium Starway Film Distribution
  • dvd-distribution Belgium VMMa Line Extensions
  • shooting period March 21st – May 2nd 2011
  • release October 26th 2011


Director Jakob Verbruggen selected music by Intergalactic Lovers for both the trailer and the movie of Code 37 - The Movie.

Jakob Verbruggen: "For the Code 37 - The Movie score, we scouted an emerging young band to musically reinforce the cinematographic scenes. It is also important for the female vocal to enhance main character Hannah Maes' inner voice. The timbre of Intergalactic Lovers and Lara Chedraoui's unusual voice lend that auditive reinforcement. I am very pleased to have the band on board to provide Code 37 - The Movie with an intriguing and captivating soundtrack.

Intergalactic Lovers: 
"We are very honoured to have been invited to supply the music for Code 37. We knew that our music would be very suitable for films, but it was a pleasant surprise to be asked to provide songs for a major release such as Code 37 at this point. Coincidentally, the Galactic Lovers were actually a big fan of the series. What makes it so great is the sinister, ambiguous atmosphere, and the incisive emotional 'stripping' of leading lady Veerle Baetens. Those are also very much characteristics of our own music."