126 min.
Felix van Groeningen
Arne Sierens | Felix van Groeningen


Belgica is the story of two brothers: charismatic and temperamental Frank - a husband, father, and incurable womaniser - and his ambitious-but-green younger brother Jo, who owns a bar called Belgica.

They become business partners and they quickly transform Belgica into the place for great music, beautiful people, and debauched fun - until they learn that running a business on this scale is more complicated than they realised, and their relationship and personal lives suffer.

Belgica is an immersive experience of the excess and euphoria of being in the hottest nightclub in town. Set to the eclectic sounds of acclaimed Belgian band Soulwax, the film shows the brothers’ intoxicating ascent to success - and the crash and burn that follows. Belgica is about living in the moment and realising that moving forward is not only inevitable but necessary.


Main cast

  • Tom Vermeir
  • Stef Aerts


  • Hélène Devos
  • Charlotte Vandermeersch
  • Boris Van Severen
  • Sara De Bosschere
  • Dominique Van Malder
  • Sam Louwyck
  • Stefaan De Winter
  • Silvanous Saow
  • Ben Benaouisse
  • Ciro Motmans
  • Bo De Bosschere
  • Anjana Dierckx
  • Hannes Reckelbus
  • Marijke Pinoy
  • Fouad Oulad Khlie
  • Jean-Michel Balthazar
  • Arne Sierens
  • Johan Heldenbergh
  • Erik Vercammen
  • Nils De Caster
  • Titus De Voogdt
  • Tom Ternest
  • Willy Peeters
  • Iris Van Cauwenbergh
  • Zinya Van Reeth
  • Brit Van Hoof
  • Greet Verstraete
  • Fathia Assoued


  • director of photography Ruben Impens
  • editing Nico Leunen
  • original soundtrack Soulwax
  • producer Dirk Impens
  • co-producer Francis Boespflug | Stéphane Parthenay | Frans Van Gestel | Arnold Heslenfeld | Laurette Schillings
  • associate producers Hans Everaert | Alberte Gautot | Rudy Verzyck
  • production design Kurt Rigolle
  • costumes Ann Lauwerys
  • make-up & hair Diana Dreesen
  • line producer Johan Van den Driessche
  • 1st AD Sofie Tusschans
  • production manager Tomas Coppejans
  • sound Jan Deca
  • production assistant Christoph Foqué | Katelijne Pieters
  • production-assistant on set Stephanie Leliaert | Remco Hoste
  • 2nd AD Sylvie Walravens
  • casting Lukas Dhont | Hadewich Huysveld
  • extra director Hadewich Huysveld
  • continuity Elise Van Durme
  • focus puller Sylvain Fradier
  • photos on set Thomas Dhanens
  • grip Yves Crabbe
  • gaffer Nicolas Lagae
  • electricians Pieter De Ridder
  • set location manager Heidi Willems
  • location hunter Tomas Coppejans | Sara Bogaert
  • property man Jan Petitjean
  • set dresser Geertjan Maes
  • post production supervisor Griet Meukens
  • image post production Filmmore
  • sound post production Michel Schöpping | Klink Audio