Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill

95 min.
Robbe De Hert
Robbe De Hert, Walter Van Den Broeck


Television is the flavor of the month, people are still talking about the World Expo '58, James Dean just invented method acting and Laïka is the first dog in space... Meanwhile, somewhere in Belgium, the students of the 5th grade of St. Josephs are impatiently awaiting the holidays.

Before summer freedom are the final exams. Robin, 17, has other priorities: his old flame Cathy has reappeared and he realizes he's still madly in love - only, he doesn't know how to make that clear to her... When he finally does, it's Passion with a capital P.

That same night, the students of the 5th grade aren't losing time either - they've locked themselves in, and are now studiously copying the exam questions. But with the Principal, an almost sadistic man in the building, one of the students, Eddy, gets caught and things suddenly turn very badly...
The whole class, headed by Robin, decides to revolt and in a climatic scene the Principal gets what he owns.

The teenagers of the 5th grade of St.Josephs just entered Real Life - and they're making sure everybody knows about it!

main cast


Robbe De Hert

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Main cast

  • Michaël Pas
  • Babette Van Veen
  • Hilde Heijnen
  • Frank Aendenboom


  • Ronny Coutteure
  • Myriam Mezières
  • Frank Dingenen
  • Bernard Faure
  • Olivier Windross
  • Gert Nevens
  • Bart Slegers
  • Eric Clerckx
  • Aimé Ntibanoboka
  • Patje De Neve
  • Stijn Meuris
  • Carl Smets
  • Bernard Verheyden


  • director of photography Jean-Claude Neckelbrouck
  • editing Ludo Troch & Chris Verbiest
  • sound Ricardo Castro & Dirk Bombey
  • original soundtrack Jan Leyers
  • production design Hubert Pouille
  • 1st AD Bea Peccue & Kristin Van Passel
  • Favourite Films in association with Multimedia Production & Man's Films
  • producer Dirk Impens, Marc Punt & Jan Verheyen
  • associate producers Mario Hänsel & Erwin Provoost


  • original version Dutch
  • support Fuji Color
  • shooting location 95'
  • format 1/1.66
  • release 15 Februari 1989