Brylcream Boulevard

Brylcream Boulevard

95 min.
Robbe De Hert
Walter Van Den Broeck & Robbe De Hert


Jos Verbiest, the former secretary of the school and the former arch-enemy, crosses the path of the 5th metal class in an unexpected and rather brutal fashion. Robin, who used to be the undisputed leader of the class, is nowhere to be found...

The incident over the death of Eddy has long been forgotten and Verbiest has left the technical school to make a career for himself at the cabinet of the Department of Education and Culture. In order to boost the image of "his minister", Verbiest proposes to organise a major charity campaign in favour of the mentally and physically disabled.

Robin unsuspectingly gets home after a few years in the merchant navy. Robin, Cathy, Rudy and Jeanine agree that it is time to teach the secretary a lesson, this time in a professional manner. The idea is to publicly compromise the seretary and to break his political career. For this, they need the help (and expertise) of the other boys of the 5th metal-class, but this collaboration is not to be taken for granted.

In spite of the years and the distances between them, their revenge will be sweet and the major charity campaign of the secretary, broadcast live on national television, has the potential of turning into a gigantic vaudeville.


Main cast

  • Michaël Pas
  • Frank Aendenboom
  • Gert Jan Dröge
  • Babette Van Veen


  • Hilde Heijnen
  • Bart Slegers
  • Oliver Windross
  • Stijn Meuris
  • Eric Clerckx
  • Patje De Neve
  • Koen Onghena
  • Ernst Löw
  • Guido Maeremans
  • Blanka Heirman
  • Jaak Van Assche


  • director of photography Jan Vancaillie
  • editing Ludo Troch & Ot Louw
  • sound Dirk Bombey & The Mixy Sisters
  • original soundtrack Jan Leyers (Soulsister)
  • production design Johan Van Essche
  • 1st AD Bernadette Corstens
  • Johan Vandendriessche
  • production manager Jo Van Hende
  • Favourite Films in association with Shooting Star Filmcompany
  • associate producers Hans Pos, Maria Peters, Dave Schram
  • Dirk Impens & Rudy Verzyck


  • original version Dutch
  • shooting location 95'
  • format 1/1.66
  • partners GIMV, Fonds Film in Vlaanderen, BRTN, Nationale Loterij, ASLK, productiefonds voor Nederlandse Films
  • release October 1995
  • international sales Seawell Films Paris