7 x 50 min.
Vincent Rouffaer
Paul Pourveur & Albert Van Hoeck


Kongo tells us the story of Guy and Luc who leave together for the Congo in 1945. Luc and his wife Hélène will work on his father's recently acquired plantation, Guy will take up a post in the colonial government.

It doesn't take long before Guy comes face to face with corruption which is rife there. The war has taken its toll on the Kongo and has left its scars. Guy 
clashes with Roland, manager of the local mine. Luc's problems will be more of a personal nature. He works very hard to expand the plantation. This only worsens his relationship with Hélène...

Vincent Rouffaer

set picture

Main cast

  • Lucas Van den Eynde
  • Karen Van Parijs
  • Els Dottermans
  • Guy Van Sande


  • Dennis Rudge
  • Hans De Munter
  • Willy Thomas
  • Geert Vermeulen
  • Pascal Poma
  • Roger Bolders
  • François Beukelaars
  • Rik Van Uffelen
  • Michael Pas
  • Peter Kampira
  • Ingrid De Vos
  • Guusje Van Tilborgh
  • Peter Rouffaer
  • Mia Grijp
  • Mark Peeters
  • Dawn Parkinson
  • Suzanne Colin
  • Johan Van Assche
  • Jacob Beks
  • Netty Vangheel
  • Nolle Versyp


  • director of photography Jan Vancaillie
  • sound Leo Franssen & Dirk Bombey
  • production design Karen Tredgold
  • 1st AD Bernadette Corstens
  • Mariël Hoevenaars
  • original soundtrack Henny Vrienten
  • line producer Johan Van den Driessche
  • producer Favourite Films, BRT, FilmNet
  • RTBF, SVT1, Media Assistance


  • shooting location Zimbabwe, Belgium
  • original version Dutch
  • shooting period January-July 1996
  • format 16:9
  • channel TV1


  • FIPA 1998: Official Selection


Henny Vrienten is a Dutch composer of TV and film scores. He used to be the singer, songwriter and bass guitar player of the popular band 'Doe Maar'.

Beginning his career in the late 1960s as a member of local outfit Les Cruches, Henny spends the early 1970s writing songs for others and recording two himself as Ruby Carmichael or Paul Santos. He also works and tours with singer-songwriter Boudewijn de Groot.

In 1980 he joins the band 'Doe Maar'. At the time the band quits (1984), Henny records some solo-albums, including one with Herman Brood. Instead of embarking on a solo-tour, Henny decides to stretch himself by writing TV and film scores.

In the mid-1990s Henny ended up collaborating with rapgroup Osdorp Posse. In the same year he also wrote the sountrack for the series 'Kongo'.