In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields

10 x 50 min.
Historical drama
Jan Matthys
Charles De Weerdt | Carl Joos | Geert Vermeulen


In ten episodes, 'In Vlaamse Velden' (In Flanders Fields) tells the story of the Boesman family in Ghent, Belgium, trying to survive World War I. The story highlights the five family members, each going through their own war during four years.

The central character is 15-year-old Marie (Lize Feryn), a naive puberescent, developing through war time into a balanced adult woman with a positive outlook.

The real impact of the war becomes palpable to the family when the Germans occupy their home. The father, Philippe (Wim Opbrouck), a gynaecologist, sees an opportunity to become a professor in the Flemish University supported by the German occupier. The mother, Virginie (Barbara Sarafian), tries to keep her family together as much as she can, but the war drives them apart. Marie's oldest brother Vincent (Matthieu Sys) fights at the front line based on his ideals... and will pay a very high price for it. Guillaume (Wietse Tanghe), her other brother, tries desertion but becomes a soldier, ready or not.

Marie dreams of becoming a doctor, but becomes a nurse at the front line. That is where she eventually finds the strength to build up a balanced perspective on the world and her family.

Main cast

  • Wim Opbrouck
  • Barbara Sarafian
  • Lize Feryn
  • Matthieu Sys
  • Wietse Tanghe


  • Sven Mattke
  • Jobst Schnibbe
  • Joren Seldeslachts
  • Jonas Van Geel
  • Jonas Vermeulen
  • Rilke Eyckermans
  • Hilde Heijnen
  • Marc Van Eeghem
  • Viv Van Dingenen
  • Willy Thomas
  • Ben Van den Heuvel
  • Tine Embrechts
  • Davo Clinckspoor
  • Enea Kongs
  • Tom De Beckker
  • Ben Segers
  • Mathijs F Scheepers
  • Steven Boen
  • Chris Lomme
  • Jurgen Delnaet
  • Liesa Naert
  • Dirk Van Dijck
  • Marijke Pinoy
  • Steven Van Watermeulen
  • Frank Focketyn
  • Tom Audenaert
  • Jos Geens


  • editing Mark De Geest | Geert Vermeulen
  • original soundtrack Jef Neve
  • director of photography Stijn Van der Veken
  • editing Joris Brouwers
  • sound Bart Martens
  • production design Bart Van Loo
  • property man Steven Liégeois
  • 1st AD Kristin Van Passel
  • make-up & hair Ingeborg Van Eetvelde
  • gaffer Roel Tanghe
  • grip Hans Reynaert
  • producer Dirk Impens
  • line producer Johan Van den Driessche
  • production manager Tomas Coppejans
  • 1st AD Martine Temmerman
  • casting Sara De Vries-Vinck
  • extra director Annelien Oosterlinck
  • image post production GRID
  • sound post production Gonzo
  • idea by Ed Vanderweyden


  • shooting location Belgium (East & West Flanders)
  • original version Dutch, French, German, English
  • shooting period 20 Aug–30 Nov 2012 * 4 Mrt–6 Jun 2013
  • support ARRI Alexa, colour
  • shooting location HD Cam, digital betacam, dvd
  • shooting location 10 x 50 minutes
  • shooting location Dutch
  • shooting location 2.0 stereo
  • format 16:9
  • shooting location VRT, Provincie West-Vlaanderen
  • financial partners VAF Filmfonds
  • tax shelter partners G. De Wilde, Connectimmo, Galloo Metal, Van Heyghen Recycling, Lacom, Wepha, Vanden Avenne Izegem, Tux, Televic Healthcare, Televic Conference, Sea-Horse, Standaard Boekhandel
  • channel VRT
  • release Autumn 2013
  • shooting location Lies Willaert


Pianist/composer Jef Neve (°1977) has become a prominent figure in his homeland Belgium and his reputation is rapidly spreading to the rest of the world. He studied at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven and graduated in 2000 with Master of Music degrees in Jazz and classical piano, both with great distinction. In 2001 he specialized in Chamber Music.

Jef started to play in local bands at the age of fourteen. During that period he composed a wide variety of pieces for the most divergent ensembles (from piano solo to symphonic orchestra). At seventeen he played with various jazz bands, classical ensembles, pop bands, theatre productions, and solo performances with the Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Michel Tilkin.

Parallel to his fast growing activity as jazz artist, Jef Neve stays active in the classical scene and is very successfull in collaborations with artists of both genres. Over the last decade Jef Neve was nominated for several prizes.

Jef Neve wrote a.o. the soundtrack for the film ‘Dagen zonder lief’ (2007) and ‘The Misfortunates’ (2009) by film director Felix van Groeningen. Together with the Brussels Philharmonic Jef Neve participated as pianist in the soundtrack of Michel Havanicius’s film 'The Artist'.