Sonny boy

Sonny boy

132 min.
Maria Peters
Pieter van de Waterbeemd, Maria Peters


The based on true facts story of a forbidden love in the mid of World War II. Set both in Surinam and The Netherlands, it tells the gripping story of the young Waldemar Nods and his love for the Dutch girl Rika, in a time of tragic turmoil.

Based on the succesful novel of the same name by Annejet van der Zijl.

Maria Peters

Walther Van den Ende

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Main cast

  • Ricky Koole
  • Sergio Hasselbaink


  • Marcel Hensema
  • Micha Hulshof
  • Ruben Brinkman
  • Thomas Cammaert
  • Wouter Zweers
  • Rogier Komproe
  • Joy Wielkens
  • Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld
  • Gaite Jansen
  • Martijn Lakemeier
  • Monic Hendrickx
  • Katja Hebers
  • Jaap Spijkers
  • Anneke Blok
  • Frits Lambrechts

Crew The Netherlands

  • director of photography Walther Van den Ende
  • editing Ot Louw
  • sound René van den Berg
  • Wim Post
  • production design Jan Rutgers
  • 1st AD Bho Roosterman Vroegen
  • Joan Tjon A Hie
  • original soundtrack Henny Vrienten
  • production manager Peter Hermans, Menno Slot, Ab van Overbeeke
  • line producer Peter Jan Brouwer
  • Brigitte Baake, Dirk Impens, Torsten Reglin, Roswhita Ester
  • Hans Pos & Dave Schram - Shooting Star Filmcompany

Crew Belgium

  • production-assistant on set Sophie Van Caenegem
  • production manager Ab Van Overbeeke
  • 1st AD 3's A Crowd, Eva Cools, Boris De Keyser
  • Gudrun Burie
  • Dirk Impens


  • shooting location The Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname
  • original version Dutch, German
  • shooting period 2 February - 18 July 2010
  • support 35mm ARRIFLEX BL, colour
  • shooting location 132 min
  • format 1:85
  • financial partners Netherlands Film Fund, COBO Fund
  • theatrical distribution Belgium A-Film Distribution
  • dvd-distribution Belgium A-Film Distribution
  • shooting location 26 January 2011
  • release The Netherlands 27 January 2011


  • Palm Springs International Film Festival 9-12 Jan 2011
  • Stoney Brook Film Festival - Opening Night 21-30 Jul 2011
  • Netherlands Film Festival 21-30 Sept 2011


  • “Platina Film” (400.000 box office) Given out by the Netherlands Film Fund, April 2011
  • “Best Opening Night” Stoney Brook Film Festival NY, 2011


  • Category “Best Foreign Language Film” Netherlands Oscar submission 2011
  • “Best Actress”, Ricky Koole Netherlands Film Festival, 2011