Code 37 III

Code 37 III

11 x 50 min.
Jakob Verbruggen, Tim Mielants
Rita Bossaer, Charles De Weerdt, Dirk Nielandt, Alain Quateau, Nicholas Roelandts, Lieven Scheerlinck, Koen Sonck, Gerrie van Rompaey


In the third season of Code 37, Hannah Maes and her team are assigned a new boss: Greet Adriaans. A superintendent who stands her ground and is particularly assertive. Her new approach clashes with Hannah, her colleagues, everything and everyone from day one...

Meanwhile, Hannah continues her private investigation into her mother's rape. She seems successful. Hannah tracks down the perpetrators and settles the score. She pays a very high price for her 'success' when a horrible secret from her father's past is revealed. All family ties that remained unravel.

Just at that moment, the principal of the rapists deals another blow. Hannah's life is in danger. She is completely isolated in her private life and hunted like an animal in her professional life.

However alone and lonely she is, after years of searching, she finally comes eye to eye with her nemesis. This forces her into an ultimate and irreversible choice: arrest the perpetrator and put him on trial - or take the law into her own hands and personally execute her revenge?

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Main cast

  • Veerle Baetens
  • Michaël Pas
  • Marc Lauwrys
  • Gilles De Schryver
  • Mieke De Groote
  • Geert Van Rampelberg
  • Carry Goossens


  • Natali Broods
  • Pieter Embrechts
  • Sam Louwyck
  • Arend Pinoy
  • Sofie Decleir
  • Koen De Sutter
  • Luc Nuyens
  • Stefaan Degand
  • Johan Van Assche
  • Ariane Van Vliet
  • Gène Bervoets
  • Simone Milsdochter
  • Jeroen Van Dyck
  • Tine Reymer
  • Truus Druyts
  • Katelijne Damen
  • Stany Crets
  • Jan Hammenecker
  • Bert Haelvoet
  • Koen Van Impe
  • Charlotte Vandermeersch
  • Stef Aert
  • Sara De Bosschere
  • Wine Dierickx
  • Leah Thys
  • Lea Cousin
  • Daan Hugaert
  • Mieke Boeve
  • Valentijn Dhaenens
  • Warre Borgmans
  • Karel Vingerhoets
  • Dirk Tuypens
  • Kurt Rogiers
  • Hilde De Baerdemaeker


  • Ed Vanderweyden
  • director of photography Christophe Nuyens
  • editing Frank Van Looy, Mathieu Depuydt, Bert Jacobs
  • sound Geert Vlegels
  • Pedro Van der Eecken
  • production design Kurt Rigolle
  • 1st AD Tine Verbeurgt, Valerie Le Roy
  • Labhise Allara Mandango Ciratu
  • original soundtrack Piet De Ridder
  • production manager Tomas Coppejans
  • line producer Saskia Verboven
  • co-producer VMMa


  • shooting location Belgium
  • original version Dutch
  • shooting period 5 May - 23 December 2011
  • support ARRI Alexa, colour
  • shooting location 13 x 50 min
  • format 2:35
  • financial partners City of Ghent
  • dvd-distribution Belgium VMMa Line Extensions
  • release 6 September 2012
  • shooting location Sofie Silbermann
  • channel VTM