Menuet is an independent production company from Flanders, Belgium, lead by Dirk Impens. His first feature film BLUEBERRY HILL (Robbe De Hert) was followed by DAENS (Stijn Coninx), a historical epic that was nominated, among others, as Best Foreign Film for the Oscars in 1993 and which, more than twenty years later, still stands as one of the 5 most successful Flemish films ever.

It soon turned out that DAENS wasn't just beginner's luck; its follow up MANNEKEN PIS (Frank Van Passel) was selected in 1995 for the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.

In the meantime, Menuet has produced over 30 films and tv-series, such as TERUG NAAR OOSTERDONK, KONGO and KATARAKT, and more recently, CODE 37 (which was nominated several times for the tv-awards in Monte Carlo), DEADLINE 14/10 and 25/5, and IN FLANDERS FIELDS, the most expensive Flemish production of all time. 

In 2004 Menuet started a fruitful collaboration with director Felix van Groeningen, which has resulted so far in five successful films. THE MISFORTUNATES was selected in 2009 for the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN got Menuet a 2nd Oscar Nomination. BELGICA premiered at the Sudnance Film festival 2016, where it won the Best Director's Award.