Everything must go

Everything must go

105 min.
Jan Verheyen
Christophe Dirickx & Jan Verheyen


Tony is 24 and leads a sheltered life: his father is a well-known prosecutor, his mother a lawyer. Therefore Tony is destined to become a lawyer as well.

There's only one problem: Tony's fed up with it. So one day, Tony decides to take his life into his own hands. He buys an old, rusty van and starts travelling across the Belgian countryside, selling whatever people need - or even better, don't need.

Among the bizarre characters, he meets Andreeke, a drifter with a loud sense of humor, with not much of a past nor future.

Together they come to the conclusion that it's basically the banks that are responsible for everything that goes wrong in this world. And in a remarkable attempt to make a statement as well as a buck, they decide to rob one...

A comedy about selling and cheating, about enemies who become friends.


Main cast

  • Stany Crets
  • Peter Van den Begin
  • Bart De Pauw


  • Jaak Van Assche
  • Camilia Blereau
  • Eric Van Herreweghe
  • Alice Toen
  • Frank Vercruyssen
  • Axel Daeseleire
  • Dirk Lavrysen
  • Toon Brouwers
  • Fred Van Kuyk
  • Luc D'Heu


  • based upon 'Alles moet weg' van Tom Lanoye
  • Tom Lanoye in samenwerking met Stany Crets & Peter Van den Begin
  • director of photography Glynn Speeckaert
  • editing Ewin Ryckaert
  • sound Dan Van Bever & The Mixy Sisters
  • original soundtrack Noordkaap
  • production design Hubert Pouille
  • 1st AD Ilse Vandenbussche
  • Favourite Films & Phantom Films
  • Dirk Impens, Rudy Verzyck & Daniel Van Avermaet
  • David Steegen, Maureen Fellemans


  • original version Dutch
  • shooting location 105'
  • format 1/1:66
  • release 27 November 1996
  • partners Vlaamse Gemeenschap, BRTN, ASLK Partner in Film, FilmNet
  • theatrical distribution Belgium Independent/Polygram Filmed Entertainment
  • dvd-distribution Belgium Lumière
  • international sales Seawell Film Paris


In 1990 Stijn Meuris, Lars Van Bambost, Eric Sterckx, Wim De Wilde and Nico Van Calster founded Belgian rock band Noordkaap, and won 'Humo's Rock Rally' that same year.

They had several well-known songs such as 'Ik Hou Van U', 'Wat is Kunst?' and 'Satelliet S.U.Z.Y.', and their cover of Will Tura's 'Arme Joe' got a lot of attention.

In 1995 Noordkaap made the soundtrack for the movie 'Manneken Pis' (with the popular single 'Ik hou van u').

Noordkaap also produced the soundtrack of 'Everything must go'. After that the band released another album, and then all musicians went their own way.