90 min.
Jan Verheyen
Ed Vanderweyden


Every weekend all across Flanders, thousands of proud and nervous football fathers cheer their football sons, swear at the referee and loudly denounce the incompetence of the coach. One of them is Bert (Filip PEETERS), who is only too happy that his twelve-year-old son Gilles (Ilya VAN MALDERGHEM) is a talented and passionate football player. After all, Bert once dreamt of a glorious career as a professional football player, a dream smashed to bits by a knee injury. Nowadays he and his wife Anne (Joke DEVYNCK) run a local shop, something he does with more enthusiasm than business sense. For example, he employs a shop assistant called Marc (Kris PIEKAERTS), a kid from a local institution, even though he can’t really afford it. But ‘Marc is Marc’, Bert says, ‘and someone has to look out for the little guys like him’.

Papa Bert is not just Gilles’ most loyal supporter, he is also his personal coach. Father and son spend most of their leisure time together, honing his technique and learning how to read the game. It’s important because D-day is fast approaching for Gilles: a talent scout for the national youth teams of the Red Devils is coming to one of Gilles’ games. That is the ultimate dream and Gilles’ ambition: run onto the pitch of the King Baudouin Stadium in the shirt of the Red Devils.

But then Bert dies unexpectedly and Gilles’ life crumbles apart. Not only has he lost his father, his friend, his loyal supporter and his coach, there are also quite a few unpleasant financial surprises. Spurred on by accountant Joris (Peter BULCKAEN), Anne attempts to save their shop, but everyone needs to pitch in if she’s going to pull it off, including Gilles and his little sister Emma.

Gilles faces a difficult search in order to find his place in his new life. And will there be any room left for practice, football – and a career as a Red Devil... ?

‘GILLES’ is a film about making choices, dreams, letting go and about love.


Jan Verheyen

set pictures

Main cast

  • Filip Peeters
  • Ilya Van Malderghem
  • Joke Devynck


  • Peter Bulckaen
  • Warre Borgmans
  • Kris Piekaerts
  • Dirk Van Dyck
  • Ninke Gryp
  • Willy Manzi Kabera
  • Hans De Munter


  • producer Jan Verheyen
  • producer Ed Vanderweyden
  • director of photography Danny Elsen
  • editing Philippe Ravoet
  • sound Pedro Van der Eecken & Thierry De Vries
  • production design Gert Stas
  • producer Eva Bos
  • Nathalie De Hen
  • original soundtrack Jan Leyers
  • Johan Van den Driessche & Filip Callewaert


  • shooting location Belgium
  • original version Dutch
  • shooting period July-August 2005
  • shooting location 35mm
  • shooting location 90'
  • shooting location Dutch, French, English
  • shooting location Dolby Digital
  • format 2.35
  • financial partners Vlaams Audiovisueel Fons, Scope Invest, Free Record Shop, Kinepolis Group, Eén, Dexia Bank
  • theatrical distribution Belgium Kinepolis Film Distribution
  • dvd-distribution Belgium Independent Films
  • release 21 December 2005


  • Audience Award Joseph Plateau Awards 2005